Over-the-Counter Medications for Anxiety in Dogs

Treating Anxiety in Dogs

“Hey DrQ, I have a question for you”, I recently heard, about the use of over-the-counter medications for anxiety in dogs. It seems many pet owners struggle with their beloved doggies having some level of anxiety, and lots of folks try over-the-counter remedies to help keep them quiet and relaxed when left alone. 

What's The Best Option?

Here are my thoughts on treating anxiety in dogs: folks often want to use either CBD, or buy the random treat supplement which works “GREAT” according to their own marketing.  If CBD works for you and your pet, fantastic. It has virtually no side effects, and many other health-promoting properties (studies are in the works showing it can be anti-cancer). For my dog, she could never get over the strong taste, and when she did take it, it worked only as well as other, less expensive, and just as safe, options.  So then what about those highly recommended chewable treats?

First, rest assured there is no ONE supplement that all vets can agree on works all the time. Different dogs react differently to various products, and the type of anxiety the dog has, makes a difference, too. For example, A sleep supplement I like, called Best Rest, works great to take the edge off (without sleepiness) of a dog who wants to be just a bit too much in charge. While the same supplement used on a dog with a high level of anxiety from insecurity did not even make him the slightest sleepy or less anxious at twice the dose.

The others I like to use are l-theanine, l-tryptophan, and the Chinese Herb Calm spirit. So unfortunately there is not one ‘go to’ fix-all for anxiety, you have to try it until you find one that works well with your pup. Your vet should be your primary resource for which one to try, and at what dose for your doggy. So don’t waste money. Companies can spend a lot to show hundreds of good reviews on something that still might not work the best for your dog. The type of anxiety matters, and how the dog is trained matters a lot, too. With good, self-confidence training, most dogs can recover from their anxiety without any meds at all. And that is the best-case scenario. Only use a positive reinforcement trainer to help. And if you need suggestions, or would like our help or guidance, that is what we are here for.

On that note, I am Dr.Q, here to help you have the most amazing relationship with ALL the animals in your life than you ever thought possible. Thanks for reading, please subscribe to my YouTube channel The1DrQ, and God bless. 

Warmest wishes,

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