Because everyone wants the best medical care for their pets, now is the perfect time to get acquainted with Aspen Park Vet. Located at 25871 Duran Avenue in Conifer, its staff provides compassionate care for all animals—dogs, cats, horses, goats, fish—and everything in between!

The hospital’s owner, Dr. Jena Questen, DVM, CertAqV, seized an unexpected opportunity five years ago and purchased the hospital almost sight unseen. She has been involved in veterinary medicine for more than 20 years. However, there are several things about her that set her apart from others in her field…

Dr. Jena Questen is a holistic vet and a “life coach” for people with pets. She is also a Professional Animal Trainer certified through the Dolphin Research Center, a Veterinary Acupuncturist certified by Colorado State University, and one of the only certified aquatic veterinarians in this part of the country. Learning the science involved in animal training through the world of dolphins and marveling at how much a person can love a pet fish have fueled her greater understanding and appreciation of the human-animal bond.

Involved with aquatic medicine for many years, “DrQ,” who is definitely considered a fish expert, was the 2020 President of the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association. She sees fish patients from all over the state several times a week in the hospital and even has a room full of tanks dedicated to her aquatic patients, some of which might require hospitalization.

Chinese herbs and other disciplines that are very nontraditional, like acupuncture, also set her apart. DrQuesten has had a keen interest in plant-based nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices for a long time, and she is here to help you and your animals live longer, happier, and healthier!

Her experience includes everything from horse racing and dog training to emergency medicine for fish and yaks. In the human realm, she is involved with health/wellness projects (even yoga and cooking classes) for children and adults.

In May 2022, Dr. Jena Questen received the Colorado Small Businessperson of the Year Award from the Small Business Association.“There are about 165,000 small businesses in Colorado, and winners are based on different criteria, which include, but are not limited to, financial business health and an increase in employees, which creates jobs for the community,” said DrQ.

The SBA became aware of Dr. Jena Questen and her business in 2021 when she was selected as one of a handful of applicants to participate in the SBA “Emerging Leaders Program,” a yearlong commitment loosely based on a condensed “Cliff-Notes” version of an MBA program. The SBA program culminated with participants doing a 3-year growth study to project what their businesses might look like in that timeframe (i.e., adding employees, increasing revenue, etc.).

When she is not taking care of the animal and aquatic patients or traveling nationwide to different universities, speaking and teaching other veterinarians about fish/veterinary medicine, DrQuesten spends her “spare time” rescuing horses.

“I have been rescuing cast-off racehorses and other animals on my own for over 20 years without any help,” said DrQ, who stated that the USDA estimates that annually nearly 2,000 horses a week are shipped for slaughter.

“I now have an official Colorado Registered (501C3) charity called The ResqRanch to help me generate funds so I can continue to rescue, retrain, and rehome these animals.”

Prior to purchasing Aspen Park Vet Hospital and growing her Conifer practice each year, DrQuesten concentrated on doing lots of online training/informational programs. Moving forward, her goal is not only to reestablish her online presence but also to actively pursue speaking engagements. Being a certified animal acupuncturist and animal trainer with a keen interest in veterinary behavior medicine, she is fully qualified to offer insight into improving health/behavior for both humans and animals.

Dr. Jena Questen, 2022 Colorado Small Businessperson of the Year, encourages women entrepreneurs to follow their dreams. She welcomes opportunities to speak at business and organizational events. For more information about DrQuesten, tips about healthcare and training for horses, cats, dogs, and fish, or to book speaking engagements, please visit her YouTube channel The1DrQ or contact her at 303-838-3771.