ResqRanch View

Mid June 2023

If God helps those who help themselves… then we are open to receive abundant support!

We have been here at the new ResqRanch facility for 8 months now, and have just started offering multiple classes a week since school’s been out and are really having fun! It has taken months of hard work, planning, and money, to get us to the point we can safely run programs at this facility. Even the unfinished condition it is now has cost over $79,000 (including the tractor)  just to get the facility clean and safe for animals and visitors after years of neglect. During the same time period, we raised $13, 232, which is fantastic and thank you to my supporters! However, that still means so far a personal investment of over $65,000 to get us where we are today. And we have a lot still to do. 

Our first open house was a mini-kids camp with hula hoops, roping, and a chance to get up close and personal with the horses. It is so heartwarming to me, so much so it’s almost overwhelming.  To have grown adults look on with wonder and awe, and tell me they have never been so close to a horse before in their entire life, is truly a gift. Even more so, is to have an excited little boy who could hardly walk, but did target training with the horses in his father’s arms because what we do is so easy, and finally to have such a wonderful experience in our weekly train-the-trainer program where we get to work hands-on with the horses, and one of our participants is actually a great grandma, because our program is not only so easy but also safe!

Which reminds me, to remind YOU, it’s not too late to join our Positive Reinforcement Trainer of the Year Award. If you train horses, dogs, chickens, fish, whatever, using Positive Reinforcement, and you want to get some recognition for your skills, our contest is for you! We have both a professional and an amateur division, and awards are based on the animals' willingness to train, not as much as the actual behavior itself, so everyone has a chance to win! Winners receive prizes, a trophy, and a special recognition party event at Arapahoe Park racetrack including a special behind the scenes tour. Full details are on our website www.ResqRanch.og.

And if you want a head start to be competitive, be sure to check out my Horse Training Masterclass, also available on the website,  as it will give you all the tools you need to be lightyears ahead of the rest who use any other method of training. Best of luck to you all! 

Meanwhile back at the ranch (haha),  the young man who had never been so close to a horse before, remembered he had a boyhood dream of being a veterinarian.  After attending our class, he is now considering going back to college and getting a degree where he can work with animals. My dream of providing this kind of world class education has become a reality!

And it’s funny how things unfold. I never thought the rooster would have such an impact on people. During last week’s meditation session, one of the participants felt strongly that the rooster was telepathic and began speaking to her. People are not used to seeing an animal like a rooster up close, just relaxing in someone’s arms, like any other pet.  I think it’s hard for them to see what is right in front of them, that it’s not a mindless walking meal, but an actual individual with a story, a troubled past, and a second chance. Which is something I think a lot of us can identify with. 

Then, I had a deeply profound conversation with a woman who attended the session, in order to put into the past a very bad experience she once had with a horse.  She said she really liked how I explained what was happening with the horses, and how I responded to their behavior.  She said she heard lessons valuable to her personally for situations in her own life, and thanked me for that. She encouraged me to share with others that these sessions aren’t just about how to train animals, but are also really good life lessons that could be applied to so many things.  From your coworkers, to how parents deal with behavior problems with their children, and to anyone with struggles with mental health and self confidence. 

So far, the majority of our participants have been Latino families coming up from the city for a chance to get away into the mountains and interact with animals up close, which is something I am very grateful for, that we are able to serve underprivileged families. We would love to see more local families as well, so please tell your friends and visit us!

Please remember we are a Positive Reinforcement Animal Sanctuary and petting farm, which means, the animals have choice in whether they want to be petted or not.  This is a new concept for some which allows us to teach about what it means to have respect for life and  allows us to have  deep conversations in simple terms about animals and our relationships with others. We can discuss some pretty big, deep life lessons, even with small children, through letting the animals have a choice. 

Through those conversations, I realize just how much rescuing animals can really rescue us.

Don’t forget we are still doing dog training Patio Polite at the Parkside Cafe, and that has been really fun to get an opportunity to practice no only being polite on the patio, but how to safely walk on a leash in the nearby park, practice crossing the street, and discuss the health and nutrition of dogs down to the kind of treats we use. 

So if any of our classes and events sound good, please come on down! Check our events calendar on the website.

If there are any classes you would like to see us hold, please send us an email at [email protected].

In the meantime, as rewarding as it is, it’s also exhausting. We really need your help. We need each and every one of you to:

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Thank you and God bless!
DrQ and the Crew of the ResqRanch and Aspen Park Vet Hospital