Drq Achieves Certaqv Designation!

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I am so excited, and blessed, to share with you today thatIamthe 21st person in the world, to achieve this designation!This accomplishment comes after 8 years of applying myself to aquatic animal medicine, when I was notapplying myself to many other things (such as caring for patients, keeping up with holistic and behavior medicine, and caring for my family). Although only 20 other people have achieved this designation so far, in the future I know there will be many, many more, and hopefully, some who accomplish it more quickly than me! This is all great news for fish medicine since fish deserve to be treated like “regular” veterinary patients, too.

What it means is a worldwide program which identifies 9 core competency or subject matter areas needed to practice aquatic veterinary medicine, and recognizes those veterinarians that have acquired the necessary knowledge, skills and experience from a variety of sources (academic courses, CEPD, self-study, etc), to fulfill those competencies. Applicants work with a mentor and have 2 years to provide evidence of basic understanding and competency in the 9 core subject areas. After evaluated and approved, candidates will be entitled to use the “CertAqV” honorific to identify their competency.

Thanks for taking a moment out of your day to help me celebrate the achievement! And for those of you whom I have given lots of free advice over the years, and you would like to pay it forward, please take another moment to check out the updated #Reqranch page on my website.  Thanks in advance to those who do, and may your day end even better than you could possibly imagine! /