Essential 6 Steps For Proper Dog Or Cat Care

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Do you worry about whether you are doing everything you can to ensure the health and happiness of the animals in your care?  Now that you are really attached, and consider this animal a member of the family, what if there is something you might be doing wrong, or could be doing better?  After all, you invest a lot of time, money, and emotions into this animal, and you want to rest assured that you are following at least the most basic steps to care for them. You see the veterinarian at least once a year, but is that enough?

The real problem is that a lot can change with an animal in 12 months.  Animals age much faster than humans, so a lot more can change with them in a few weeks than generally expect to see with people.  Heart sounds can change, internal tumors can develop, and bad breath can be an early sign of dental, or worse, internal, disease. Just like we all know we need to check the oil in the car every 3,000 miles to keep it running well, there are little things we can do every week to ensure that our animal stays as low cost, easy (or even easier) to care for, and enjoyable, for as long as possible.   This is how the Animal Life Coach (me), can help, with a quick, easy 6-step checklist you can use, right now, to ensure you have all the basics covered.

1) Safety First: NO BLOOD EVER!  Under no circumstance, ever, is it ok for any animal in our care to draw blood from you, or injure, anyone else in the household, other animals, neighbors, no one, ever!  If this occurs, even once, this is a serious problem that requires the assistance of professional help, right away.  It is not ok for animals we love and care for to bite, scratch, growl, snarl, threaten, or otherwise frighten, ANYONE, EVER.  If this happens, or is happening, even once, immediately seek the help of a professional, to save the life of your animal, and perhaps someone else’s, as well.

2) Food: Feed the best quality food you can.  You are what you eat, and so is your animal.  For animals to be, and feel their best, they need to eat the highest quality food, and have fresh water, that you can manage to procure for them, every day.

3)Groom: Give them a thorough check over, yourself, at least once a week. This can be in a bath if you prefer, but must include:

  1. -ears
  2. -eyes
  3. -mouth, and, brush those teeth
  4. -all four feet and toes
  5. -under the tail
  6. -under the belly

Simply look for anything unusual, or that did not look that way last week. Find problems, have questions, or can’t get all steps done?  Call your vet.  Call a trainer.  There are people to help you, and it’s important.

4)Poop: Monitor eliminations at least once a week, although daily is better.  Poop scoop and monitor urine;  take a good look at it.  Has the color, consistency, or frequency changed in any way? Discuss anything that catches your attention with your veterinarian, right away.

5)Vet: Have your animal see the vet at least once every 12 months, every 6 is ideal. Ask them what you can be doing better.

6): Be able to manage taking your animal, anywhere, anytime, safely and easily.  At the very least, be able to put on a halter or collar, attach a lead, and safely move them into a vehicle for transport in an emergency, or just for fun!  This is also something that your animal’s life may depend on. If this is not easy, this is a serious concern and requires immediate professional help.

So take a moment, as soon as today, to compare this checklist to each animal you are lucky enough to share your life with.  Also, review my 8 Step Essential Animal Safety Plan, are you ready to make the pledge before the new year? Have great success with something and you would like to share with others?  Then please do!  Have a question?  Please ask it!  If you have the question, then it is guaranteed at least 10 other people have the same question and are afraid to ask. Don’t be afraid!  Do it for the animals, review the checklist today, and get help if you need it!

On that note, I am DrQ, and I am here, to help you, and the animals you love, have a wonderful day!