A Miracle Or Two And We Are Hiring

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Hello again, all you animal-loving angels of the world; thank you for reading this and doing your part, every day, to make the world just a little better place than the day before. Lately, at the hospital, we have been seeing some very special patients with some pretty miraculous outcomes, and my staff wanted me to be sure to share some of those with you. The first is a 12-year-old male lab (for anonymity’s sake, let’s call him Jake). Jake is still an active boy, running up and down the stairs all the time chasing after his German Shepherd brother. So the day that poor Jake was suddenly in so much pain, he cried out and could hardly move; his pet parents were, of course, extremely concerned about whether it might be something serious or just the signal for the beginning of the end for their beloved dog. He was already on a joint support supplement, so we added in some Chinese Herbs for mobility and did acupuncture and VNA (a type of chiropractic treatment), and infrared laser treatment on his sore body, after a good physical exam to make sure nothing was seriously injured or torn. Jake seemed to improve, but then a few days later, he again woke up in the morning in extreme pain and distress. We repeated the acupuncture, VNA, and laser. He improved again, and this time, he has stayed improved and running just fine for the last several weeks! Luckily for Jake and his caregivers, we were able to resolve his pain and improve his mobility without resorting to any harsh drugs. Jake is now back to running up and down the stairs like the young man he is, and his pet parents are relieved that it looks like they will be able to enjoy a few more years with their sweet boy.

There are two other very interesting cases that we have been having really great success with the past few weeks. One is an Irish Wolfhound who weighs over 200 pounds! This poor dog was starting to have trouble getting up and tripping. It also only took two acupuncture and VNA treatments, along with some Chinese Herbs, to get this big dog moving great again; his family was so impressed with the results Dr. Tamara was able to achieve in such a short time! And our final mobility case is a boxer with DM or degenerative myelitis. If you are not familiar with this debilitating nerve destroying disease (be grateful), know that it’s one of the worst diseases for slowing so slowing robbing the life, mobility, and dignity of these animals away one day at a time while the caregivers all look on helplessly to try and stop the process of nerve and muscles wasting away. What makes it so bad is the animals are happy, eager, hopeful; they just are losing the ability to use their back legs a little more each day. However, again through the help of acupuncture, VNA, laser, Chinese Herbs, and other nutritional supplements, Dr. Tam has been able to keep this dog from losing further function. The ongoing treatments every two weeks are so far proving to be the miracle we know can happen because, despite the odds, this dog is holding quite well and has been for months now, with no further deterioration in nerve function. When dealing with a disease as devastating as DM, this is nothing short of a miracle.

If helping animals like these sounds like something you would love to be a part of, we are hiring! Are you professional, kind, conscientious, a good team player, and looking for work that fulfills you more than a huge payout? Then please check out our application process on our website DrQandU.org, Join Our Team (best from a computer, the link often does not appear on a mobile device). We are seeking to add members to our team, not to fill certain positions. Our ideal candidates can successfully navigate the corporate world but are ready for a change, to have fulfilling work with a higher purpose. For the right people, this is a chance to live in and serve the animal-loving people of our beautiful community while living a life of meaning. If this piques your interest, then don’t delay; send us your letter of intent. Don’t have experience? We are hiring for gratitude and willingness first, all the other skills we can teach. If you sound like a good fit for you to work hard in a challenging high customer satisfaction business, with the most amazing support team of your life doing something you love, then please don’t hesitate and apply today.

And finally, an update on the ResqRanch, we are currently in the process of a 30 Day Hoof Lift Challenge for any of you that know what a challenge it can be to effectively and easily pick up and clean out your horse’s feet every day. We are also in the process of saddle training Cesar the wild Mustang. Check our videos on the YouTube channel The 1DrQ and training updates on our blog at ResqRanch.org. We are still in need of monthly donors; we currently have three horses we are trying to find homes for (details are in the blog) that we do not have space for and cannot afford to take on at this time. Do you have our ideal horse property? Please help us give our animals what they deserve today! Until next time, stay safe out there! Dr. Q, Dr. Tam, and the Crew of Aspen Park Vet Hospital and the ResqRanch