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Is your pet acting up? Behavioral issues are common with any breed, and they can make it difficult for your pet to enjoy life. At Aspen Park Vet Hospital, we are available to perform veterinary behavior consultations in Conifer, CO, and surrounding areas. With our animal coaching and training services, you will achieve the top results for each of your pets. Dr. Questen is a certified Professional Animal Trainer and brings the best in positive reinforcement training, and the latest scientific evidence on how best to train any animal to do anything. Additionally, since she is a vet, if your pet needs anxiety or other behavior modifying medications, she is able to do that on the spot, no need to struggle to get a prescription somewhere else. Speak with us today to make an investment in your beloved companion!

The Benefits of Animal Coaching and Training

If you are ready to get results and make the commitment, then the time is now to invest in the coaching you need. Receive personalized help from someone who understands, who has been there, and who can stand by and guide you into a brighter future. Dr. Q offers a variety of veterinary behavior consultations for all animals. She has been speaking and teaching nationally and internationally for years,  is well respected by her peers, and considered an authority on not only animal behavior and training, but aquatics and business as well.  Speak with our behavior specialist today to keep your beloved animal companions happy,  healthy and well behaved.

Schedule Veterinary Behavior and Training Consultations

Difficult behaviors can be resolved with the right type of training. Instead of taking your pet to obedience school, Dr. Q is available to provide effective coaching to combat any behavior. And then with her unique style, she will address not only your training and behavior issues, yet also how your animal's behavior is affecting their health, and the best way to help your animal out live it's expected lifespan! After all, as she says "You can't have good health without good behavior!".

Animal Coaching and Training Packages

For animal lovers ready to take a deeper dive and are ready to really invest in themselves and their future with their animals, we are happy to help. Our veterinary hospital features a number of different packages.

First we offer a 1 month program that includes:

-One extensive consultation on your site

-An prescribed medications will be an additional fee

- Weekly 30-Minute Email or Teleconference to Discuss Homework, Goals, and Results

-Additional Bonuses, Including Recipes for Homemade Diets and Treats

-Enjoy an entire month of personalized, one-on-one attention, advice and training tips made JUST for you, by Dr. Q our Professional Animal Trainer, for only $1,200. Remember, you are not getting the time and advice of just any old dog trainer, you are getting a professional veterinary doctor AND trainer who has the experience and expertise to solve any training issue, and deepen the bond between you and your pet, using ONLY positive reinforcement methods.

License to Love In Depth Training and Lifestyle Program

This program is for you if you have a specific behavior issue and you need results as soon as possible, or if you are ready to make the lifestyle commitment to ensure your animal has the best chance of outliving his or her expected lifespan. This 6-month program includes:

• One House Call and Evaluation at the Beginning, Middle, and End of the Program
• Weekly 30-Minute Email or Teleconference to Discuss Homework, Goals, and Results
• Unlimited Support at No Additional Charge during the Program Period
• Access to Private Facebook Group “License to Love” for added Support and Encouragement
• Additional Bonuses, Including Recipes for Homemade Diets and Treats

Individually, this much support would come to approximately $6,950-$9,995.00, depending on the average travel time. However, our animal coaching team is proud to offer this program for only $995 per month when you sign up today. We also offer a special 12-month program. For additional savings, like Dr. Q on Facebook and watch for discounts and promotions on the price of the packages.

Dr. Q and Your Business Money

If you are a dog trainer, groomer, pet sitter, horse trainer, or have any kind of business that is animal-centric and you are ready to push the boundaries of what you can achieve, then this program is for you. Worried about what to charge, how to charge, or if you are qualified enough? We have the right option for you.

Our animal coaching team understands the concerns that go into running a successful animal-focused business. We work with you to discuss each of your concerns, and our services are designed to help you achieve your goals. This program includes personalized consulting with our holistic veterinarian, Dr. Q, complete with homework, assignments, and goal setting. Rates include:

• Single 30-Minute Session: $120
• Sessions Once a Week for Single Month: Worth $120 Each ($450 One-Time Fee)
• Sessions Once Every Other Week: Worth $120 Each with 6-Month Commitment and Inclusion in Private Facebook Group ($1,200 One-Time Fee)

Contact us in Conifer, Colorado, to schedule veterinary behavior and training consultations for your pet’s issues or your business. We are available to perform effective animal coaching throughout Central Colorado, including areas from Aurora to Bailey.

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